Full control of total energy cost

Keep your decision-making authority and stay always well informed with the enexion energy Cockpit

Be up to date on what’s going on on the energy market

We constantly monitor the energy market development and their regulations, continuously evaluate this information & keep you up to date, so you can take action on time.

Track the energy prices

Track energy price trends of past periods and get predicted future prices calculated using the sophisticated algorithms to fairly value and manage the profitability of energy products.

Recognize the optimal trading time to procure energy

The technical signal indicators will notify you just in time about changes in the energy market, allowing you to effectively exploit short-term price collapses in portfolio construction and optimize your energy procurement.

Get live consumption data for each of your locations

Knowing your exact consumption helps you to plan your future consumption and to predict your energy procurement cost.

Your portfolios at a glance

Keep an eye on the hedge level of your portfolios. Compare your targets with the closed positions, see the list of deals and their status. Generate a detailed portfolio report just with one click and keep control over your procurement situation.

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